November Email Communication Information

November 6, 2007 Email
Assigned Training Location By District

Descriptive Feedback: Participant Suggestions

November PowerPoint

November Handouts - One PDF File for All Handouts

Transition Handouts

Strategies Poster
District Goals
Article Not Post: What a Difference a Word Makes
Article Graphic Organizer
Purposes for Assessment
Comparing Of and For

Learning Targets Handouts

5 Types of Learning Targets
Taxonomy Model
6th Grade Standard
Analyzing Standards
LT Demonstration
LT Guided Practice
Writing LT

Descriptive Feedback Handouts

Practice Descriptive Feedback

Strong and Weak Student Work Handouts

Play 5 Protocol
Play 5 Recording
Play 5 Demonstration
Classroom Protocol
Classroom Example
Classroom Recording

Homework Handout

Homework Assignment

Planning Guide